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Create flash cards using only your voice and study flash cards using only your voice.

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About SoundCards

SoundCards is an app for creating flashcards with your voice.

This novel method of creating flashcards enables quicker workflows and more convenient on the go learning.

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Stay in the Flow

Traditional flash card apps require you to type in flash cards. Its disruptive to put down a book to turn to your computer and start typing. SoundCards let you just pick up your phone, make a quick recording, and continue.

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Learn in those 'in between' moments

An important advantage of audio flashcards is you can study without looking at your phone screen. You no longer need to find a nice, quiet place to learn. By using voice commands, you can review your flashcards while commuting, in the gym, or walking the dog.

Study using voice commands

Use voice commands to study flashcards using your phone's built in mic, headphones with a mic or a Bluetooth headset.

Use on iPhone or iPad

SoundCards is available as an app for your iPhone or iPad

Meet your self development goals

Learn a new language, a new skill or subject matter from a new field.

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